How to Animate Origin Height

Is it possible to animate the Origin Height inside the CesiumGeoreference?
I’d love any guidance if possible! :wink:

I don’t see why not. Use the SetGeoreferenceOriginLongitudeLatitudeHeight method in the CesiumGeoreference. It should work in both C++ and Blueprints. Or did you try it and ran into a problem?

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Ahh… I’ll give it a try with blueprints.
I couldnt see any options trying to animate via level sequencer.
Is it possible somehow?

It may not be directly. I think there’s an attribute that needs to be added to a URPROPERTY to make it directly usable from the sequencer, and we haven’t added it in this case. It’s a little unusual to animate the CesiumGeoreference like that, I’d say.