Cesium world中,远离origin位置的实体姿态会有倾斜?


Hi @wszty,

CesiumGeoreference sets the Origin origin. The entity near the origin looks normal, but the entity farther away from the origin looks tilted. Is there any way to solve this problem?

This is actually expected behavior in the plugin, because your object has to account for the fact that the Earth is round. When you move the entity in a straight line, it eventually will not align with the Earth’s curvature, and it will seem like the Earth is tilting.

Cesium will handle this automatically for you if you attach a CesiumGlobeAnchor component to the object that is travelling. Make sure that the Adjust Orientation For Globe While Moving setting is true, so that the object automatically accounts for the globe curvature. You can also attach a CesiumOriginShift component to the object; this will reposition the georeference origin as the object moves.

Let me know if those solutions help!