Using Cesium "True Origin" and UE Georeferencing "Origin at planet center" settings


In my project, I use Cesium as terrain provider and my plugin is using Unreal built-in Georeferencing actor to compute Unreal location and rotation from ECEF coordinates. These actors positions are updated from external systems.

The issue I have comes when I set UE GeoReferencingSystem Actor Origin Location to “Origin at Planet Center” and CesiumGeoreference Origin Placement at “True origin”, (Cesium World Terrain is rotated of -90° in Z, according advices from Epic): the spawned
actors have wrong rotations, locations are OK.

I reproduced this issue in my own plugin and also while using instead DISGrill plugin.

The effect looks less visible for longitudes close to 0°.

It is ok when Cesium georeference is set to lat/lon/lat and Georeferencing actor used a projected CRS.

Did someone see something similar ?

This may be fixed in the Cesium for Unreal v2.0 Preview that we just released.

Thanks, I will test that.