How can the tilted Earth be righted

Hi Cesium Community,
When using CesiumforUnreal, I noticed that the earth was tilted , Like a tilted globe
Like the picture below

The blue line, is the Z axis of the imaginary coordinate system
The red line is the Z axis of the ECEF coordinate system
The two axes differ by about 50 degrees
I wonder if there is a way to put the earth right

Hi @Joan,

In the image you shared, is the blue axis the Z axis of the Unreal Editor coordinate system? If so, the difference between the two axes likely depends on where the Georeference Origin is placed. To test this out, you could try setting the georeference origin to somewhere near the north pole to see if this changes the difference between the axes.

If I’m misunderstanding your question, please let me know. In that case, sharing more information about your project and desired outcome could help me give more specific advice.


You don’t misunderstand my question
thank you very much for your help, I have solved the problem successfully with this method.
But I wonder if changing the origin position will affect the geographic location of the image data ,
Or is it something else.