Can I create CesiumCartographicPolygon actors from KML files stored on Ion?

I’m trying to figure out the best way to display regions on a map in Unreal. I have downtown Chicago using World Terrain + Bing Maps and OSM Building layers in my UE project.

I have created a KML file (using Google Earth) that defines my districts. I want to use the polygons from the KML to create the districts. I don’t want to have to re-draw the districts in Unreal.

So, is there a way I can read my KML asset from Ion and use that to drive spawning a number of CesiumCartographicPolygon actors, and then use those actors with a CesuimPolygonRasterOverlay component (on either the Terrain or the OSM buildings) to achieve visualization of the districts?

Or is there a better way? Thanks!

There’s nothing built-in to help with that. You’ll need to write code to parse the KML and create CesiumCartographicPolygons yourself. Multiple polygons with different colors will probably require code changes.

Perhaps the easiest solution is to rasterize your polygons to a WMS or TMS server and then use a raster overlay to drape them over tilesets. For example, you could use QGIS to make a GeoTIFF from your polygons, and then upload that to Cesium ion for tiling and then add a CesiumIonRasterOverlay to your tileset(s) to display the imagery layer that Cesium ion generates.

I like “easiest” - I’ll look at that approach. Thanks for the pointers.

@Kevin_Ring - I followed your approach of using a GeoTIFF. Here’s the final outcome:

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