Can someone explain the difference between the 4 different types of PositionProperty?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on creating a history playback for some entities and I was able to use SampledPositionProperty to do that but I started trying to use TimeIntervalCollectionPositionProperty but it didn’t seem to work for me. Can anyone explain the main purposes behind each of the 4 types of PositionProperty? I’d like to better understand what situations I should use one over the other.



The difference between using a SampledPosition directly and wrapping it in a TimeIntervalCollection is that the former will always interpolate between any given timestamp and the next one, whereas the intervals allow you to specify periods that are not connected. So if you had a vehicle that was moving, but then had to stop, you would want a TimeIntervalCollection so that one time period is a SampledPositionPropety, but then one time period is a ConstantProperty.

If you search for the property time you’ll likely find some discussions of it on the forum. For example here’s one about this case I described for Time intervals:

How/When should CompositePositionProperty be used? It looks similar to TimeIntervalCollectionPositionProperty.