Cannot see GEO orbit path in 2D view

Hi all,

I noticed when plotting a GEO orbit in the cesium viewer (b13 + b15) that the satellite's path is not visible. However this is remedied if I plot another satellite with a different type of orbit - then the new and the original satellites' paths are visible. Is this a known bug?


Oh and here are the two czml files I'm using.!105

Thanks for sharing the CZML. I can reproduce this on and in the latest version of Cesium on github (which has a very different polyline implementation), so I created issue #695.


While debugging this problem, I noticed that your CZML files have a width of 0 for the line. Which could potentially be part of the problem. Setting it to 1 doesn’t fix the 2D issue, but does fix some visualization issues in 3D. I wanted to mention it because I doubt it’s what you intended. Hopefully we’ll have the 2D problem fixed soon.


I just wanted to let you know that this issue has been fixed in the latest version of master and will be released with b16 tomorrow.