Canvas rotation

I have an Cesium application that we entend to display through a reflection. I’ve rotated the canvas 180 around y, and that visually gives the correct image. Remarkably, everything seems to work, but the left to right camera navigation is backwards( I can understand why ). Is there a way to change the direction of rotation?


The short answer is, not easily. Most of the camera movement at this time is coded in ScreenSpaceCameraController, which assume left is always left. It may be possible (this is just a guess) to make a copy of this file and tweak it to do what you want. You would then tell your app to use this version at runtime. But that’s just conjecture on my part.

Another idea altogether would be to “flip over” your canvas instead of rotating it. This may be possible in CSS but I’m not sure.

Check this out:

Interesting, I’ll have to look at that further. Thanks for the link.