Cartesion and roll, pitch, yaw in cesisumjs

I have a flight log with a lot of aerial photos taken ,and for each photo i have GPS point, height above mean sea lvl + roll,pitch,yaw.

Since the information about what axes and orientation of the coordinate system for these roll,pitch,yaw values are given, i wanted to create an example with cesium that illustrate the different by letting the user click though different axis combinations and look at the calculated footprint for finding out the orientation of this coordinate system.

I am new to cesium and was hoping that I could get a few question clarified.

Cesiumjs represent everything as cartesion coordinates, correct?

I looked at and its clear to me how to convert from lat,lng.

Can someone create a sandcastle example with a real simple 3d box model showing how I could visualize the camera frame. given a lat,lng,height + roll,pitch,yaw, such I can start playing with it in javascript to see how the frame changes when I change my roll,pitch,yaw. (maybe with a small coordinate system painted in the corner of the image frame.

I know how to solve the linear equations to do the footprint based on a assumption that the earth is flat and a height value. Would I be able to in cesium js api to use the terrain model to find intersection between ray, from camera based on above cartesian coordinate + roll,pitch,yaw, and the terrain for giving better estiamate of footprint?.

Hi Poul,

Yes, Cesium uses Cartesian for positions, and matrices and quaternions for rotation. We plan to add some helper functions for rotation. sIn the meantime, Section 2 of this blog post describes handling roll/pitch/yaw:


Thanks. Its a little complicated to me as of now. Might need to do some simpler stuff first.

One thing though, i dont think its the camera I want to move around, but instead a model. I will try play with things and see where i get too.