Cesium about water

In the long-term use, there are some places that need help.

  1. Can there be ups and downs
  2. Can you provide some parameters to adjust the wave
  3. Whether it can be covered under the surface, in some special cases, the character penetrates the surface and enters the interior of the earth, and the effect in water can be displayed

Hi @leielyq,

  1. Unfortunately the water effect on Cesium World Terrain is currently normal-only, with no displacement. If you need more advanced waves, I’d suggest creating separate water meshes for your water effects when near the water surface.
  2. Parameters of the water can be adjusted in the CesiumSimpleWaterSurface function in the plugin’s Materials folder. The parameters you’re probably looking for are DefaultNearWaterScale and DefaultDistantWaterScale. Those parameters aren’t exposed on the material instances currently. I’d encourage you to duplicate this function and play around with the parameters to see if you can find settings you prefer. If you do find better values, please let me know - I’d be interested in improving the water material.
  3. A future update of Cesium World Terrain might allow for better underwater scenes - stay tuned :slight_smile:
    If you’re looking to have an effect like that now, I’m not sure how the Unreal Water plugin does it, but it might be worth taking a look at their underwater post processing effect and seeing if you can apply it to Cesium World Terrain. However, this would probably be easiest to do by using your own water meshes, as I suggested in step 1.