Cesium and milsymbol

Måns Beckman, creator of milsymbol, has written an excellent guest post for the Cesium blog about using milsymbol with Cesium:


Thanks for posting; we are using milsymbols with Cesium in a similar manner.

If anyone has any more questions about using milsymbol with Cesium, feel free to ask here or contact me by email (email adress can be found on my website).

Great post and library, it motivated me to write a Scala interface to it.

For those interested in using Cesium with Scala (Scala.js) I've
started writing a scala interface to Cesium at: https://github.com/workingDog/CesiumScala

Also I've started writing an interface to milsymbol.js military symbology at:

There is a basic example of using those two interfaces at:

Cool. Let us know when ScalaMS is ready and we’ll help spread the word through the Cesium channels.


Thanks, I've just released version ScalaMS 0.1 to the Central repository.
There is an example use of it at: https://github.com/workingDog/CesiumMil

Cool, tweeted: https://twitter.com/CesiumJS/status/761259743394619392