Cesium API document

Any Cesium API detail document including it’s api structure I can find? I am thinking about to create shape file provider, so i can directly import points lines polygons shape file on the Terrain instead of just drawing points lines polygons. The reason I want to do this way is because shape file features has the attribute values attached them, and use this way, I also can do the query to these features, GIS people usually have lots of shape file data. Thanks.

Hi Shengqi,

There is a bottom-up presentation of the Cesium API structure in the Cesium Architecture Guide. It’s about a year out-of-date, but the general organization is still pretty close.

We have an open-source Shapefile-to-CZML converter that may fit your needs: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/czml-writer

Native shapefile support is also on our roadmap. We plan to implement it on top of the DynamicScene layer similar to what we did with GeoJSON. We’ll happy to collaborate if you need to get to it sooner than us. Matt is the best person to provide details.