cesium billboard

Hello, I am SeungBum. I am emailing to ask about problems I came across while developing a visualization application based on Cesium.

I’ve been trying to build real-time image animation via billboard.

But from what I found from the engine, there seem to be some problems within the internal engine of Cesium.

The following is the steps we took to develop the aforementioned function.

  1. Binding canvas to billboard through vertex shader and fragment shader with texture on them.

  2. Displaying animation by changing an image object through real-time event calls.

But after development, we found a few symptoms as follows.

  1. Textures bound to canvas keep shaking if we constantly update billboard.

  2. The texture filled in a billboard keeps disappearing. We suppose this bug is releated to memory leak but we’re not too sure at the moment.

We couldn’t solve the problem using billboard. So we tried another approach with polygon. But for example, when we drew a square and fill it, the square wraps the map and became immutable for image update. We need it to float above the map to display information like billboard.

So to sum up, the following is my questions.

  1. I wonder if it’s a bug from the engine, or the way of my developing for image animation via billboard. If the developing method is a problem, I wonder if you could give us instructions to realize in a block diagram form.

  2. If it’s a problem from the engine in Cesium, I wonder if the cesium development team has plans to update it.

  3. Is there a way not to make polygon wrap the map if we develop the similar functionality to billboard via polygon?

  4. Are there any solution for shaking objects on a billboard When dynamically generating billboards

  5. How to solve memory problems when using billboard.

The attached images are errors I got when I saw the above mentioned symptoms from Cesium.

I am looking forward to your reply.


Hello SeungBum,

I’m not familiar with the problem you are seeing. Can you please provide a code sample and screenshots of what is wrong?