Cesium can't load COMPRESSED gltf


I’m using offline Collada to glTF converter. It works for non-compression gltf. But when I enable the compression (with option “-c Open3DGC”), Cesium failed to load the gltf model. Showing error :

“TypeError: Failed to execute ‘vertexAttrib3fv’ on ‘WebGLRenderingContext’: No function was found that matched the signature provided.”

The compression looks really good as it’s reduced about 50% of the size. Wondering how can it be used in Cesium?

btw, in the non-compression gltf, looks like the color information in COLLADA is missing, which result a simple white model with no color. This model doesn’t have any texture but just (vertex?) color.



Hi Narco,

Cesium doesn’t support glTF compression yet. The spec for glTF compression is not ready yet and will change. Watch #230.

As for losing color information from the COLLADA file, can you share the model so we can test?


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the info.

For the color issue, sorry I can’t share it as it’s a proprietary model of our partner. It can be correctly viewed in Xcode. I noticed, the color info in the Collada file is in this tag:

After the conversion to glTF, the model appears no color at all.