[cesium-dev] Layers selection

Hi Adam.

The BaseLayerPicker is meant to be a simple widget for picking a base layer, that’s about it. You can also have an item in the picker include multiple layers, so that you choose a group of layers to add. However, we don’t have a ui for independently picking two separate layers at this time. More general configuration of data sources and imagery is taking place as part of the DataSourceBrowser widget effort, but we haven’t done anything at all with imagery yet there.

What you want to do is trivial from an API standpoint, so you have either add your own UI for selecting the layers, or hack up the BaseLayerPickerViewModel.js file to allow for the BaseLayer picker to “target” a particular layer index (base layer, layer 1, etc…).

Coming back to this. I have my own toolbox with a selection of layers to choose as the base. Then I also have a certain amount of other added layers with opacity bars so that you can adjust the opacity of these over the base layer.

Now this works with the baseLayerPicker however I can't seem to get it working with my buttons. Once I select a new layer it places it over the added layers unlike the baseLayerPicker which places it underneath as it should do.

How can I easily use the baseLayerPicker logic to work with my buttons?