Cesium entities in Safari draws similar entities behind each entity

This is kind of hard to explain so here is a pretty picture from Safari:

As can be seen in this picture is that each “label” which has a slight transparency shows another label behind it. This happens with every entity on the map.

This is what it looks like in Chrome:

Nice and pretty!

Has anyone experienced this before? Has a solution been found?

What seems weird is that the first of the entities that cesium draws does not seem to have this issue. Then the second seems to have one image behind, the third has two behind, the fourth has three and so on.

The labels that aren’t being drawn transparently, are they billboards?



Yes they are. Normal labels are not as customizable as we need.

Ooops, just realised I responded from another account. But, yes they are billboards.

Ok, so I managed to solve this by converting all my svg billboards to pngs before setting them as the image source of a billboard.

Oh, so you were using SVGs? We’ve noticed that support for SVGs is really inconsistent depending on the browser. There types of issues tend to be browser bugs, not bugs in Cesium.
Glad you were able to find a workaround!