Cesium free system field of regard

1. A concise explanation of the problem you're experiencing.

Need to model a dynamic satellite field of regard. Can be simple geometric field of regard given orbit altitude (complex patterns not really required yet). In my cesium environment I'm limited to the free version of cesium (not pro) and I do NOT have access to the cesium-sensors plugin. For now, I've been getting around this by building a cylinder/cone that matches the ephemeris of the satellite, but this workaround is not a sustainable solution especially for elliptical orbits. Given these limitations, what would the best approach be to visualize a dynamic satellite field of regard in czml?

2. A minimal code example. If you've found a bug, this helps us reproduce and repair it.

Not sure a code example will help with this question, but for now I'm using the following python code to generate the czml for a satellite field of regard using a cylinder made into a cone. This code works...just providing a simple example of my workaround.

rgba = [255,0,0,128]
Doc["cylinder"] = {}
Doc["cylinder"]["length"] = 10000000
Doc["cylinder"]["topRadius"] = 0.0
Doc["cylinder"]["bottomRadius"] = 100000

3. Context. Why do you need to do this? We might know a better way to accomplish your goal.

I conduct modeling/simulations for spacecraft for my job, and this kind of visualization is absolutely critical for conveying system performance. Right now I'm limited to free and open source software.

4. The Cesium version you're using, your operating system and browser.

Cesium 1.51, Windows 10, Firefox.