cesium in public mode on https

I have a web server cesium installed and working on public mode.
My server environment is ubuntu 16.04 lts and works in secure mode
I start cesium by node server.js --public
But in this mode I can reached cesium only by http:// not by https://
How can I do to have web server cesium in https mode?

Ok. But how?

Ok. I will try, now I can’t.
Thank you very much

Cesium has no special server components - it’s entirely a client library. The included server is only meant for development use - not for deployment. If you have a web server already configured, simply copy Cesium into your web server location like you would do with any other static files.

Scott is correct, the server included is only intended for development purposes. You can use it as a base and make modifications like Jingli suggested, but you are better off asking on a more general web development forum.