Cesium.Ion.DefaultAccessToken Problem

I am using Cesium React (Resium) and I changed the project path. Although I use the same token from now on, “This app uses Cesium’s default ion access token. Please assign an access token from your ion account to Cesium.Ion.defaultAccessToken before making any Cesium API calls. You can sign up. https://cesium.com for a free ion account at.” I am getting the error in my next.js project, I followed all the instructions written in this link. Also, when I look at the data usage of my own token, I can see that my token is working. How can i solve this issue, thanks in advance

Hi there,

Do you know what version of CeisumJS Resium is using?

In CesiumJS 1.105, new changes went in attributing geocoding results. Ion.defaultAccessToken is checked when the geocoder is created, which happens when the main Viewer object is created. You’ll need to ensure the token is set before Viewer is instantiated.

Cesium.Ion.defaultAccessToken = "Token";

My codes are like this, can you help with a sample code? Thanks in advance

I updated cesium to 1.105.2 in npm and when I wrote the code below, the problem was solved.
<Viewer geocoder={false} ... />