Cesium Ion point clouds do not display correctly on iOS

The Cesium Ion point clouds display correctly in the UE5.2 editor, but they look wrong on an iPhone.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Add the Cesium plugin in UE5.2 and display the terrain.
  • Add CesiumSunSky and set ‘Use Mobile Rendering’ to true.
  • Add point clouds from Cesium Ion Assets.

Could you advise whether this issue is a bug or if any additional settings are needed to correct the display of Cesium Ion point clouds on iOS?

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Hi @Toteto, do you think you could post side-by-side images from the same camera perspective?

It’s obvious that your top image is a proper point cloud, but I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in the bottom image.

It looks like points are there, but much too big?

Thank you for the reply.
Here are images and a GIF from the same perspective.
UE5.2 Editor



On the iPhone, each dot appears very large.

Although it’s not Unreal Engine, there have been reports of similar symptoms in Unity’s Issues, so this might also be helpful as a reference.
Point clouds render incorrectly on Mac · Issue #241 · CesiumGS/cesium-unity (github.com)

Thanks for the detailed explanation and image @Toteto .

I’ve made an issue in our repo

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