Cesium ion self-hosted: Error running microk8s helm install cesium-ion

Hi all,
I’m in the process of setting up a self-hosted cesium ion, but have hit an error - When running this command:

microk8s helm install cesium-ion cesium-ion/ --wait --values cesium-ion/values.yaml --namespace cesium-ion --create-namespace

i get the following error after a minute or so:

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: timed out waiting for the condition

I’m setting it up on windows using WSL2.
I’ve reviewed every step of the process preceding this error, and verified that all outputs were as expected.
I’ll appreciate any help on the matter.

Omer S.

Hi Omer,
Can you check the path used for the postgresql volume (line 65 of values.yaml), and ensure that it is not

    enabled: true
    path: ~/ion/postgres
    capacity: 32Gi

Instead make this a full path, where your username is used:

    enabled: true
    path: /home/{username}/ion/postgres
    capacity: 32Gi

You should also consider running an uninstall to ensure a clean install afterward:

microk8s helm uninstall cesium-ion --namespace cesium-ion

Our next software release will fix this path in our documentation.
Let us know the result either way.


Yes, that did the trick.
Thank you !