Cesium Ion service availability/reliability

Hi there, we've noticed that Cesium Ion seems to become unavailable reasonably frequently.

We often find that when we load up Cesium it just completely fails to load the map, but we don't have any issues if we use imagery that isn't hosted with Cesium Ion.

If I try to directly load the Cesium Ion page I tend to get either a 504 gateway timeout error, or occasionally a cloudflare timeout where it mentions that it failed to contact the server.

Is there a status page of some kind for Cesium Ion?

Sorry to hear that you’re having connectivity issues. First, to answer your question, we don’t yet have a stats page for Cesium ion, but it is definitely something on our roadmap. I wrote up an issue in our ion community repository so that you can know when the status page is available: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium-ion-community/issues/30

That being said, the only (since we have moved out of beta) outage that I’m aware of is an an unintended outage last night (that has since been addressed). If you are having frequent connectivity issues, I would like to hear more about them. Please feel free to contact me directly if you wish. (also, you mentioned cloudflare which we don’t use, but I assume you meant CloudFront (which we do use). I only bring it up just to make sure there’s not some other factor in the mix).



Apologies, I did mean CloudFront. I was trying to remember which one I saw, and got it wrong.

That's good to hear that you're looking at adding a status page.

If you only have one recorded outage since going out of beta then what I'll do is take note of any connectivity issues we have and the times we have them at. I'll see if I can notice a pattern/consistent cause. Maybe it'll just go away?

Thanks for your response.