Cesium lat, long and alt

Hey I am trying to get each satellite latitude, longitude and altitude. how should I go about it ?

Hi, You need to check MOUSE_MOVE Event. Check this sandcastle example.

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How do i add that on my angular.js project

Cesium.js:477 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘x’)
at f.transformWindowToDrawingBuffer (Cesium.js:477:20586)
at Me.pick (Cesium.js:523:14737)
at sitaSpace.js:675:42
at S (Cesium.js:463:10538)
at R (Cesium.js:463:14388)
at HTMLCanvasElement.n (Cesium.js:463:8573)

I have not worked on angular with Cesium before. I hope someone else will try to help you.
You can check Angular Cesium and link.