Cesium native reported error in visual studio 2022

camke 3.28.0-rc5
dotnet 8.0.100
visualstudio2022 17.8

I have been troubled here.At first, it was a problem with incomplete cloning. After I solved it, Visual Studio kept reporting various errors. The cesium native file that I am currently running was copied from someone else, and he can compile it normally, but I still have problems in Visual Studio.

Your screenshots are missing the real errors, but I suspect you’re running into the error that was fixed in this PR:

After I modified CMakeLists.txt according to your prompt, a new error occurred. I don’t know if it’s my environment problem or the integrity of the git clone code.

I don’t know. It probably wouldn’t hurt to try repeating the process again from the beginning. If you’re still having trouble, please document the exact steps you’re following so we can try to reproduce it.

I compiled this process on another computer, and after making the changes you suggested, I received this error message. Is it still a problem with the MSVC version?

Thank you for your reply. I will repeat this process again. Your comments are very helpful in guiding me in the right direction.