Cesium on iOS 8

I just updated my iPad 2 to iOS 8. An empty Cesium Viewer loads (and some Sandcastle examples as well as terrain work) but there are a lot of issues. The specs on the website show 1608 failures; many of them are non-WebGL related and show that some of the standards we rely on may not be implemented in the Safari (for example, the full screen API). It looks like the our Event object may be the cause of many of the failures. There are also plain old layout/rendering issues with CSS/HTML that we need to look at. Performance is pretty crappy, but this is on a 3.5 year old tablet. I would imagine performance would be much better on an iPad Air or mini. I’m not sure if newer iPads will fair any better in the unit tests however, since I’m sure Safari capabilities are the same on all supported devices.

Having official support for Cesium on iOS 8 looks promising, but we still have a lot of work to do before we can claim it. If anyone is interested in getting Cesium fully up an running on iOS, particularly if you have experience debugging iOS/Safari web apps, we would love the help. Otherwise I’m sure myself and others will look into this as time allows. Pull requests are always welcome.

I’ve been sweating IOS8 compatibility, and I’m pleasantly surprised that it works so well.

One thing that bothers me is tablet rotation. It seems that no matter the orientation, it attempts to use the portrait orientation and then stretches the width in landscape orientation (with the remainder flowing offscreen at the bottom). It’s hard to tell exactly what it’s doing (ipad console isn’t as robust as chrome), but if I trigger an infowindow I can cause it to scroll up and down using the infowindow as the drag point.

I’m not sure how to proceed when the script creates a canvas with the wrong dimensions.

ipad mini, btw

Thanks Michael, the sizing issue seems to be a bug in Safari. Apparently Three.js examples are having sizing issues as well. It looks like all divs with 100% width and height show the problem. Hopefully we’ll find a solution soon; or it will get fixed in the 8.0.1 update that Apple is sure to put out in a few weeks. An ugly workaround for now would be to use fixed-size divs.

Thanks for your suggestion to alter the viewport meta tag and it worked beautifully!

Basic viewer widget is also working quite well on OS X 10.10/Safari 8.0 (DP 8)

Cesium works great on iPad mini and iPhone 5s using Safari or mobile Chrome. Easy to fly around large numbers of CZML 3D Buildings.

See some imagery here: https://twitter.com/cubecities/status/513593442757120000