Cesium on wamp

What should I do to run Cesium on wamp server?

I read about that Cesium can run on Apache web server, so I tried only to copy some html with Cesium script and nothing happened.

Pure html with jscript (without Cesium scrips) works well.

Do i have to set something in httpd.conf? Any ideas?

Thank you in fron.

Nothing special is needed for Apache. Just have it point to the correct location on you PC, where you also have the Cesium code (e.g. unzipped in a Cesium subfolder).
Then you should be able to open e.g. http://localhost:Cesium/index.html and the “Hello World” link from there.


Thank you. I only coppied Cesium folder (with subfolders: Apps, Builde, node_modules,....) to 'www' folder in 'wamp' folder and everything works.