Cesium, RoR and assets loading optimization

Good evening.

We have a Rails application working with CesiumJS. It works pretty good, thank you all for the hard and excellent work done so far.
Nonetheless, this app seems to have reached the point in which it takes too much to load, and everything shows that it is because of the long assets list loaded by this statement in the JavaScript file where Cesium is used:

define(['Cesium'], function(Cesium){



I have my Gemfile configured with:

gem requirejs-rails
gem cesium

And config/requirejs.yml with:

  - name: 'application'
waitSeconds: 0

I'm pretty sure we are not using many of the assets that are actually being loaded.

My question is how do we reduce the loaded assets list so we load into browser only what we need? Or is there another way we can optimize to reduce load time?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Jorge,

We don’t support the Cesium gem itself, but if you require each Cesium Source file directly, rather than the global object, it will reduce the amount loaded.