Cesium slides from SIGGRAPH and Web3D conferences

Cesium had a great showing at the recent SIGGRAPH conference.

We had our annual “Virtual Globes Using WebGL and Cesium” BOF with demos from AGI, NICTA, and Camptocamp. See


Alex Wood, who works on AGI’s terrain server for Cesium, gave a very well-attended talk in the Carto BOF, “3D Geospatial Visualization on the Web with Cesium.”


Alex and I also presented on Cesium in the Geo Web and COLLADA/glTF BOFs. It was a busy SIGGRAPH.

Also, it was cool to see Microsoft explicitly thank AGI for feedback on their WebGL implementation in IE 11:


Web3D was co-located with SIGGRAPH and they invited us to present in the “Geospatial information on the Web” workshop so I gave a talk, “Cesium, CZML, and glTF”, that briefly presents open-standards and open-formats in Cesium and future challenges for open-standards for massive geospatial datasets.