Cesium Toggle Buttons for Raster and Vector Data


I am trying to add some toggle on off buttons for Orthomsaic, Pointcloud, 3D Model, Tiled Model, Shapes etc.

What is the procedure to add the Buttons


I found a few community forum threads that can help you get started creating buttons.

If you are looking to add a button to the top-right corner of the toolbar, check out the following thread:

Ultimately, adding a toggle button to the viewer is more of a general HTML/CSS issue than a CesiumJS issue. The following threads provide great high-level information.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!


But, How to define which layer to call?
Like for
Image Layer
Shape Layers
Tileset Layers
GeoJSON Layers etc

Not able to find any information’s on these anywhere.

Can you help out.

Also I need to integrate measurement tool to cesium. How to do that ?

Hi, Is there anyone who can give an answer to my query ?