Cesium Typescript Definition Files Generator is avaible

The result is here: https://github.com/s-innovations/S-Innovations.Cesium/blob/master/artifacts/Cesium.d.ts

and the tool is here: https://github.com/s-innovations/S-Innovations.Cesium

We are starting up developing a project using cesium and we are doign all our large scale javascript development in typescript, so I created the above tool as to get started and not going over the reference document all the time for learning. I hope it also can be usefull to others.

I will see if I can get comments and other things included later, for now its just a quick hack to get a initial .d.ts file.

Reason for doing this is also that a year ago we did start a project based on ol3 and the path I took there was to create a empty ol.d.ts file and add stuff as I learned manually. Looking back, I wont be doing that again.

Enjoy and feel free to use the issue tracker on github for questions/issues. The project was written with C# 6.0 (fun with the new string formatting).