Change DataSource Entity Height Scale?

Is it possible to change the height and width of all entities?
I have recreated the D3 Demo
and would like to be able to increase or decrease the height scale and width scale of all of the entities displayed, any ideas on a way that I could accomplish this?

My current method is creating an array of Cesium.SampledPositionProperty for each size that I want to be able to increase or decrease to for each entity…and then looping through the entities and setting the positions. Is there a better method?

Hi David,
Have you looked at globe.js on the d3cesium On the master branch I have recently modified the demo to create a Custom Datasource that varies the height of polylines using the SampledPositionProperty for both health and wealth. The only time I iterated over the data is at load time to construct the Property objects.

We have not yet moved that implementation to the demos page, as there are a few other minor changes planned, such as the inclusion of the info box and removal of the jquery dependency.


yes I based my project off of the globe.js from the d3cesium github. That works fine for me. I am able to see the polylines change over time, but I was hoping to be able to increase the scalesize of those entities after the Property objects have already been constructed.

Also is it possible to use a gltf model instead of polylines to do what you have done in d3cesium?