Changing the color of an image tile

I’m currently using two image tile sets. One is a set of great land tiles but with other really ugly water tiles. The second is a water mask set, where all land tiles are transparent, and all water tiles are white/opaque. I am using the UrlTemplateImageryProvider to load the two sets.

I can successfully layer the water mask set on top of the base set to create a water mask. However, this results in the water being all white. I’d like to make the water appear blue. My goal is to find a way to change any tile in the water mask set that is white/fully opaque to be blue. How can I do this? Or is there a better way to accomplish a water mask given the data sets that I have?

Hi there,

I think if you specifically want to overlay and hide the water tiles underneath, you are taking the right approach. Is is possible to load a watermask as part of a terrain provider to apply shader effects to the water, but it will not hide “ugly” imagery in doing so.

There are a variety of imagery layer adjustment options you can try to change the color.

You could also use an imagery layer to apply transparency to another layer if you would prefer to take that route.

Hi Gabby, thanks for the response!

I initially tried to use the imagery layer adjustment options, but I found that whenever I added any amount of hue the transparent tiles on the water mask would go black. Is that expected with transparent tiles, or are there some additional steps needed for that?

Hi @tileexplorer22,

That sounds like it could be a bug. Could you provide a sandcastle code example to reproduce the issue? We can then add a new issue at Issues · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub if it is.