changing the image in czml billboard

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The below code is copy/paste from sandcastle czml billboard and label demo. when I run the code it runs and I can see the AGI logo, how can I put an image from my computer? what would be the code for this/ is it even possible? I though at the image line of the code that is the asset key from my assets, but I realized it is smt else. I appreciate everybody’s answer in advance. Cheers!

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var czml = [{

“id” : “document”,

“name” : “Basic CZML billboard and label”,

“version” : “1.0”

}, {

“id” : “some-unique-id”,

“name” : “AGI”,

“description” : “

Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) founded Cesium.


“billboard” : {


“scale” : 1.5


“label” : {

“fillColor” : {

“rgba” : [255, 255, 255, 255]


“font” : “12pt Lucida Console”,

“horizontalOrigin” : “LEFT”,

“pixelOffset” : {

“cartesian2” : [8, 0]


“style” : “FILL”,

“text” : “AGI”,

“showBackground” : true,

“backgroundColor” : {

“rgba” : [112, 89, 57, 200]



“position” : {


1216361.4096947117, -4736253.175342511, 4081267.4865667094




var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’);


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All you would need to do is put a link to any valid image file there. For example, this Sandcastle links to a Cesium logo hosted on our server:

So you can host the image somewhere (like and link it there, or you can base64 encode your image (which is what that long string is) and that way you can embed an image directly into the CZML without having to upload it somewhere else.

Hope this helps!