Cinematic mode and local 3Dtiles


I’ve been playing around with Unreal and Cesium. So far it’s really great ! I have two questions :

  • When trying to render a Cinematic, the tiles are not loaded. It’s working fine from the editor. Is this a known issue ?

  • I have 3D tiles locally. I can reference then manually using the Windows Path without issue. Is there a way to package them inside the Unreal application so that I can ship the windows package with the 3D tiles inside it, but without exposing them directly ?

Thanks ! Can’t wait for the Android update so I can mess around in VR/AR.

Hi @Inpu,

When rendering a Cinematic, do you use sequencer by any chance? If possible, can you please let me know the setting of your CesiumTileset actor and maybe other Unreal actors in the scene to replicate the error? Someone on the forum has encountered this problem before, can you please give it a try here to see if it resolves the problem Unable to reliably render sequence to file?


Thanks for coming back to me.

It finally worked without modifying anything. Turns out I reached some request limit on my FTP and it wasn’t displaying the 3D model anymore.

About my second question, do you have any advice ?

Thanks :wink: