Clipping or Section Box


thanks for this amazing asset, and I would like to ask if it is possible to do the following thing,

I am working on a Mixed reality app where I want to put area of a city on top of a table surface, (using AR Foundation, AR plane detection), and I would like use Google Tile to give me realistic result. But I want to show a section of the area that I am interested in. Is there any section box function that I can use? because as soon as my camera move away from the area, the surrounding area will also get loaded. Also the “Scale” does not work, it will always has the same scale when I modify the property under the Cesium Georeference component.


Hi Derek,

It sounds like you’ll want to use the CesiumTileExcluder interface. We don’t have an official tutorial but you can check out this PR for instructions on how to use it.

Can you give us more info so we can properly troubleshoot the scaling bug? It would help if you told us:

  • What Unity Editor and Cesium for Unity versions you’re using
  • What your level contains (a screenshot of the Scene Hierarchy would help)
  • The actual values you’re setting on the georeference
  • Screenshots of the undesired behavior

Hello Janine,

Thanks for your reply, I think I have got it now. My camera was too close to the map and it is much better after I move my camera away from it. Also the clipping function works! thanks very much.