Code coverage


Despite not being the smoothest merge in our history, I want to congratulate the folks who worked on the camera branch for bringing our code coverage above the sought-after 90% mark, from 89% to 91%.

Of course, numbers don’t tell the full truth: all the testing in the world doesn’t prove correctness, not all tests are good tests, and in our case, some code like the widgets is not included, and coverage includes lines that assign functions to prototypes, etc. Nonetheless, our tests are of pretty high quality considering the trade-offs between maintainability, consistency across platforms, and speed. My machine runs our 3,213 tests in 18.6 seconds in Chrome.

When we compare projects, we frequently look at features. Features aside, I like to think that Cesium is and continues to become better because it is built on better technology using better algorithms with better craftsmanship (more on this later as I gather my thoughts for 2013 - hopefully as we all gather our thoughts). I’m unaware of any similar project that can claim 90%+ code coverage with tests that run in under 20 seconds.