COLLADA to GLTF conversion fails, unknown error


I am trying to convert my 3DS model to GLTF, through COLLADA. I was able to open the .DAE file in the AutoDesk web viewer so I assume that the 3DS to COLLADA conversion was successful.

However, the Cesium converter gives an unknown error when I am attempting to convert my DAE to GLTF.

What could the problem be? Please find my DAE file attached.

Thanks in advance,


aura.dae (362 KB)

Hello Laszlo,

Did you also upload all the external files (like images/textures or shaders) referenced in the DAE file? That’s one thing that could cause the converter to fail.

You can either select multiple files from you file system and drag/drop them onto the converter screen, or bundle everything into a zip file and pick that from the file selector.



Hi Hannah,

Thanks for your reply, it was really helpful.

I checked my 3DS model against my converted DAE model in AutoCAD Viewer. It seems that not only external files but also other graphical information such as colors got lost along the way.
While the AutoCAD Viewer seems to be forgiving about missing assets, I guess the GLTF converter is not.
I have to look into how to produce a better quality conversion from 3DS to DAE first.