Compilation error when adding Chinese text to Unreal properties

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What’s the matter when I added simply a line for chinese translation, please ?

Hi @yuan1405,

I unfortunately can’t read the error message, and it’s hard to get Google to translate it for me from a screenshot. Perhaps if you could translate it for me I might have a guess about what is wrong?

This looks like an Unreal Engine limitation of some sort, though, so you might take a look at Character Encoding | Unreal Engine Documentation.



In order to further analyze what might be causing this problem, it would be helpful to know the exact error message. If you could copy-and-paste the error message here, then people could (use Google Translate to translate it) and try to find out what causes the error, and how it can be avoided.

In the article that Kevin already linked to, there is a dedicated section with Notes about C++ Source Code Specific to East Asian Encodings that may be relevant here.