Complete Workflow for 3D tiles

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Hi Can someone explain to me in "high level" how i can use cesium ?
Im not a coder, much more 3D scanning expert, but understand how it all works.

I have uploaded data as 3D tiles, but not sure how and what need to be all done. Can someone point me to complete workflow tutorial or etc.

Or is someone willing to help me setup my PC ( server eventually ) so i can use Cesium on my data ?

Even better to use this workflow description as manual for not coder experts ?

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Hi and welcome to the Cesium community!

We’ve been working on trying to answer these questions actually, so your feedback would be appreciated. This page is a good overview of ion as a platform for 3D data:

We’ve also been updating our documentation ( This getting started I think is a nice overview of how to go from 3D data on your computer to host it in ion, visualizing it in CesiumJS and sharing your app:

But definitely let me know if you think there’s anything missing or confusing.

The other neat thing you can do is on ion, when you select an asset, under the preview window there should be a “Open complete example in Sandcastle” which will open a link that you can share that visualizes the data.

Is your goal just to host and visualize your 3D data, or are you trying to build an app/do some analysis on top of it?