Computer memory keeps climbing until the system crashes

Under the unity editor, the memory consumption of using the computer task manager to view the editor kept rising to a maximum of 30,00MB /s during a period of use. Maybe there were other memory consumption in my program, which was higher than the official case, but it dropped to 5000mb/s after turning off the Cesium 3D Tileset component.

Adding this data, the direct memory will increase by about 3000, but with the use will increase to more than 30000, the whole system is stuck。

We’re not aware of any memory leak in Cesium for Unity, but of course let us know if you see any evidence of that. More likely the problem is in the tileset you’re loading. Poorly structured tilesets can require a lot of memory. How was your tileset created? Do you also see similar memory usage with Cesium World Terrain / Bing or with Google’s new Photogrammetry tileset?

This did not appear after I turned off my tile data. Although don’t know how to solve, but still thanks。

hum same problem here , after a while, Ram usage slowly growing up and never stop…
even tweaking maximum screen space error , maximum cached bytes and culled screen space error…
any suggestion ??

Set Maximum Cached Bytes to 0, just to make sure it isn’t the cache that is growing.

Beyond that, please provide is with detailed instructions for reproducing the problem, preferably starting with the Cesium for Unity Samples project.

My memory consumption in the Cesium-based application has been steadily increasing while visualizing complex 3D models and geographic data. I’ve observed that the memory usage reaches a alarming peak, and this can sometimes lead to performance issues and even crashes. I’ve optimized my code, ensured efficient data loading, and utilized the available tools for memory profiling.

Ok, same response as above: have you tried setting Maximum Cached Bytes to zero? Did it help? And can you tell us how to reproduce the problem you’re seeing, preferably starting with the Cesium for Unity Samples project?

Hi, I have encountered this before. It has something to do with Cesium updating in the editor. Just untick the “Update in Editor” and that should fix the problem for now. Not really a fix, but eliminates that problem.