Consult Cesium 3dtiles techniques

Mainly about “cesium 3dtiles”:I use tools from github,Convert model files(.max) to files in gltf format,Then turn the gltf file into an GLB file,In the process of converting the GLB file to 3dtiles,I don't know the rules for generating tileset.json files,I don't understand what the nodes represent in the tileset.json file,It will not appear as expected when the browser loads.Can you help me explain the meaning of each node in the tileset.json file?
Other,I mainly refer to the example of "",Implement the same functionality,But my model files only have 18 buildings,Want to go through the form of 3dtiles?Want to achieve through the form of 3dtiles, select a single building.
I want to capture the properties of a building by mouse events and highlight it.

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Who can help me?thank you very much!

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Hi there,

The specification for 3d tile formats can be found here:

Example code for mouse highlighting of 3d tile features will be in our next release (July 5th), but until then, here’s the pull request with working code:

Hope that helps,

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