Context Capture model with STK World Terrain Meshes

Hello everyone

I have a problem with my model in Cesium. Seems the terrain (STK World Terrain Meshes) is clashing with my model (can refer the image). Most of the area in the model not having this problem but just some part of it is coming on top of the model.

Also, even using the STK World Terrain, some part of the 3D model is still floating. Can somebody point me to the right direction for this issue?

For your information, my model is being produce by Context Capture and exported into cesium 3D tile dataset.

Any information will be helpful


Since some of the model is below the terrain and some is above, it’s hard to recommend a single solution. You could try tweaking the tileset’s modelMatrix to improve certain areas (but hurting others) -

You could also try experimenting with scene.globe.depthTestAgainstTerrain.