Controlling the Canvas size??

I'm trying to get a screencap of a cesium scene. I've found the simple method of using"image/png"));

...which works fine...

My question is: Is it possible to control the size of the canvas that is being rendered so that it can be larger than the monitor's screen?

I'd like to render (and capture) a scene of a specific size.


You can set the canvas’s CSS width and height properties to create a larger canvas. Be warned that it may crash if it gets too big.

In Sandcastle:


var options = {

contextOptions : {

webgl: {

preserveDrawingBuffer : true




var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’, options);

window.setTimeout(function() {“image/png”));

}, 2000);



@import url(../templates/bucket.css); .fullSize { width: 300%; height: 300%; }