Convert .obj file to b3dm

hi everyone,

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I am a fresher to Cesium. I have converted my .obj file to b3dm and tile.json by “objTo3d-tiles” tool from, and create an Cesium object using that tile.json but my object showed the position which is not accurate as the real position. Could any experts help to explain why this happens and suggest me some material for visualisation of geospatial building data? and How can we check the d3dm file?

Please the attached b3dm and json file for more details



Center.obj (978 KB)

tileset.json (815 Bytes)

Center.b3dm (578 KB)

Hi Danny,

Take a look at your tileset.json and adjust the root tile transform or boundingVolume. Take a look at the 3D Tiles spec for more info on both of those properties.