Create a path showing airplane rotation


I would like to view the track of an acrobatic flight in Cesium. The Path feature of the Entity API is really good but it does not show the rotation of the aircraft.

I am looking for something like this : tacview-183-submarines.png (1920×1080)

It is a sort of ribbon with two colors : one the face and one for the back.

I managed to get a geometry with different colors with a custom fragment shader.

The problem that i am facing now is to build the “oriented path” for my entity.

I tried to use PolygonGeometry and I computed the coordinates for each points of the ribbon. But as PolygonHierarchy array is the definition of the outer boundary of the shape, it does not work when the aircraft is upside down.

I don’t know how to make my way with Geometry and vertices because vertices are not Cartesian3 and I don’t want to use modelMatrix because I would like to use Mercator mode as well as Globe.

Can someone give me any clue to implement this ?

Thank you