Create Polyhedron from points (in grid)

I have grid of points, which I have created from the following function:

function(rectangle, gridWidth, gridHeight) {

gridWidth = parseInt(gridWidth) || 41;

gridHeight = parseInt(gridHeight) || 41;

var terrainSamplePositions = ;

for (var y = 0; y < gridHeight; ++y) {

for (var x = 0; x < gridWidth; ++x) {

var longitude = Cesium.Math.lerp(rectangle.west, rectangle.east, x / (gridWidth - 1));

var latitude = Cesium.Math.lerp(rectangle.south, rectangle.north, y / (gridHeight - 1));

var position = new Cesium.Cartographic(longitude, latitude);




return terrainSamplePositions;



After it I have added height information to those points

now the array have the **Cartographic **position with the updated height info

After it, I want to create a Polyhedron from this points

Can someone help me on it?

I’m using Cesium 1.50.

Here the image with the points(I have added extra height for visual separation purpose):

Check out my response in this thread:

I think you’ll have to create a custom geometry. This article might be a good reference as well

You can also check out the various geometry types in the Cesium source code to see how they use the Geometry class.

This is looking pretty good, you should post a screenshot once you get it working!