Custom 3D Objects rendering


Congratulations for all Cesium Project !
I'm interested in visualizing custom 3D objets and I would like to render 3D objets from custom Polygons.
I know I can draw 2D Polygons but I didn't find how to create 3D objets from those Polygons.
I would like polygon to be the root of my objet. It seems it is not possible to put an height to Polygon to obtain 3D objet from it.
Is it possible by an other method?

Thanks for your answer.

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Checkout this article,

Hi Mélodie,

We are working on general geometry types (separate from 3D models) in the batching branch. Here’s the roadmap. It sounds like you want to be able to extrude polygons, which is something we’ll probably do next week. In the meantime, on that branch, it is possible to create separate bottom and top polygons as well as a wall. There are examples in CesiumViewer.js and Wall.html.

This is still a work-in-progress, but you are welcome to work in the batching batch, some folks already are. I expect it will land in master in 3 weeks and then be released with b18 on July 1.



Hi Patrick,
What great news, thank you !