Customizing popups & info box in Stories

Within Stories, I’m trying to customize the popups and info box that appear when a marker is clicked. My feature data is imported from a geojson file.

  1. On the popup, when I click “Follow ”, it zooms to a location that appears to be inside a sphere. How can I control the zoom destination, and keep it above ground?

  2. I’d like to add a link to an external page that can be opened from the info box (that appears when a user clicks “View info about ” in the popup), or opens immediately when the user clicks on “View info…”. In my geojson file, I’ve tried adding the following property to customize this Info box:
    "description": "Click for more about <a href=''>this feature</a>"
    but Cesium appends additional text to the url, making it unusable, e.g.: “``

  3. More generally, if someone could point me to documentation about customizing markers, popups, and the info box within Stories, that would be appreciated as well.



Are you able to share the story and geojson you are having trouble with? That will help us reproduce the the problem.


For the link issue, it appears you are using the backtick ` character instead of the single quote ’ character. Even though they appear very similar, they are interpreted differently. You will need to use the single quote character to have the link work correctly. The sample you posted here with the single quote worked for me, however if I change it to the backtick I experience the problem you described.

Works with single quote

"description": "Click for more about <a href=''>this feature</a>"

Does not work with backtick

"description": "Click for more about <a href=``>this feature</a>"

Customizing Markers

You can see this simple style example in the CesiumJS repository and this sandcastle for the result.

Thanks for your reply!

Replacing backticks with single quotes worked like a charm. A follow-up: is it possible to link to a different slide in the same Story?

A teammate fixed the zoom issue by editing the feature elevations in Google Earth, in a KML file.


Glad to hear that the zoom issue was resolved.

At this time it is not possible to link to a specific slide in a story. I have opened a request with the team for this feature.