customizing the title bar for infoboxes

There are a few ideas about how I’d like to customize the infobox behavior.

1.) how do you set the view for each entity’s infobox “focus camera on object” button in the infobox’s title bar?

2.) Is there a way to add a “menu” to the infobox’s title bar?

3.) Is there a way to add a “custom” class to an entity’s infobox? This would allow one to have different locations, sizes, and other styles for each individual (or group of boxes) box

4.) Is there a way to set the iframe’s src attribute for an entity’s infobox?

5.) Is there a way to have something other than the entity’s name for the infobox’s title bar text?


Hi Maynard,

  1. You can set the Entity’s “viewFrom” property (a cartesian3 of offsets defined in the North-East-Up frame). For more info, see our tutorial on Entities:

A menu isn’t a part of the infobox functionality, but you can add your own by modifying infobox. You can also modify the onclick behavior to pull up custom html objects.

This thread may be helpful:!searchin/cesium-dev/infobox|sort:relevance/cesium-dev/f0iODd42PeI/3sARtH5BkpQJ

Hope that helps!

  • Rachel