CZML Integration with Orekit Data


I am working on a project where I load initial satellite orbital data into an Orekit module that propagates it, and returns a Python array with time, position, velocity, and acceleration data for said satellite at the cadence of the desired step size. My goal is to write this data to CZML format before storing it in a database then can then be pulled into my Cesium-integrated angular application, to draw the orbits as polylines (at the most basic level).

I have read through the CZML formatting guide (seems pretty explanatory), but as somebody with minimal experience with Java or .NET, I am unsure how to actually use the CZML-writer to my advantage in this scenario. Is there more detailed documentation for the CZML writer beside the readme/quickstart guide on the github? Could I go directly from said Python data array → CZML file, do I need to massage the format of the data so it’s something more recognizable first, such as JSON or XML, then go to CZML? I’ve also seen github repositories for Python czml writers, but none of these have been linked from the Cesium website/forums so I am skeptical.

Any advice on the topic is more than welcome, thank you in advance!